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The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards are open for entry  

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With the success of the last 3 years, The Drum have decided to launch the Digital Trading Awards for a fourth year running, inviting judges from all over the internet to take part in this immense celebration of the space. Celebrating value for money as well as the latest industry technology, these awards give exposure to platforms and products that truly work, giving kudos to money-making eco-systems that work for clients and businesses alike.

Launching yesterday at Pragmattic Punch, the awards work with a new theme each and every year, constantly promoting the industry’s profession. This year the theme has been defined as ‘Living the Dream - Programmatic Everywhere’. 

In the official awards website, The Drum explains: 

It is reflective of the monumental shift in programmatic adoption, with mobile, TV, outdoor and radio all being bought and sold programmatically. But issues of fraud and bot traffic prevail, as does the challenge of adblocking, and the awards this year will seek out those who are overcoming some of these challenges. 

With regards to judges, this year we are working with an eclectic bunch, with representatives from Twitter, Tripadvisor and Brandy all having their say. These include Jana Sievers, head of demand partnerships, EMEA at MoPub – Twitter, Mathilde Verron, head of audience and programmatic at TripAdvisor, and Anthony Rhind, chief operating officer at Beamly 

If you wish to get involved then do not worry, you have until February to make your  nomination. 

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